More info for the next casting!

 More info for the next casting! HI BABIES! For all of you BOYS AND GIRLS who sent me an email asking about this years PORN CASTING, here's all the information you need to know: It will take place the first weekend of JUNE...

Date: 02/03/2015 | 2 Comments
Tags: porn casting 2015, sara may, julia de lucia, hanna montada, amanda x

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hi my dears, I wish you a Happy New Year, all the best, and a lot of sex in the new year !

Date: 31/12/2014 | 1 Comment
Tags: happy new year

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I wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!

I wish you a Merry Christmas!!!! Nice christmas days for all my fans !

Date: 24/12/2014 | 1 Comment
Tags: merry christmas

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With Julia de Lucia in Mannheim!

With Julia de Lucia in Mannheim! Hi, my dears, don't miss my very horny orgy in Mannheim,me together with Julia de Lucia: write me at: and I will send you the direction: Special price for my members!..

Date: 11/12/2014 | 1 Comment
Tags: Julia de lucia, sexparty, tabulos

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Toguether with Carolina Abril in Speyer!

Toguether with Carolina Abril in Speyer! Hi, my dears, the 6th of November I will be together with my girlfriend Carolina Abril in Speyer in the Club FKK-Hautnah Heinkelstr.3. We will celebrate the 4th birthday of this fantastic Club...

Date: 05/11/2014 | No Comments
Tags: carolina abril, fkk speyer, live show

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More hot parties !

 More hot parties ! Hi my dears, so the Venus Exhibition is over I will bring my grils again to Germany for the next hot Pornstar-Parties!

Date: 22/10/2014 | 1 Comment
Tags: porn party, hannamontada, carolina abril, orgy

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Back to school!!!

 Back to school!!! Welll, I guess that's it, no more sun, no more Summer, back to school, work or University.... To all those who have to get back to serious here are some encouraging pics to make your day a...

Date: 04/10/2014 | 1 Comment
Tags: school, naughty, back to rutine

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Enjoy summer!

 Enjoy summer! My dears I know I haven't been arpund here lately, let's hope We get home soon in order to keep you updated with all my new as this month of june has been quite busy with new projects and also...

Date: 30/07/2014 | No Comments
Tags: Summer, hot, blue, sea, holidays, sara mai, julia de lucia, amandax, party, carolina abril

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Casting Pics Part B

Casting Pics Part B And there we go with more pics from my casting and also of my bday!!!!!! Another year surrounded by my beloved ones!!!!!I am really happy to feel loved and see how this family grows!!!!

Date: 25/07/2014 | No Comments
Tags: porn casting, pics, lady mai, Julia de Lucia, SAra Mai, raul lora, nick moreno

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Casting Pics Part A

 Casting Pics Part A As you all know, it has been a long time since the Casting 2014 came to it's end. Much has been told about this, so I will spare you my words!!! Just wanted to let you know...

Date: 24/07/2014 | 1 Comment
Tags: porn casting, pics, lady mai, Julia de Lucia, SAra Mai, raul lora, nick moreno

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Hot Scarlet!!!!

 Hot Scarlet!!!! Who sais that this woman is fat? Who dares to insult such a hot curvy woman??? Lately I've read a lot of stupid coments and reports about Scarlet Johannson being fat... Now would you dare to...

Date: 22/05/2014 | No Comments
Tags: Sacarlett . boobs, bump, junk in the trunk, hot

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New Fan club

 New Fan club What???I can't believe you didn't know I had a Fanclub on Twitter!!!! What?? You're not following it???? Well yes, it seems like someone thought I, or my feminine parts were worthy a Twitter fan...

Date: 05/05/2014 | 4 Comments
Tags: tits, ass, sex, twiiter, fans

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Let's get ready tu ruuuuumble!!!!

 Let's get ready tu ruuuuumble!!!! I'm counting the days to my beloved Porn Casting 2014!!!!! As you all know we're looking forward to enjoy the hot sun in a hot location to make you all sweat!!!!!!! Here's all you need to know!!!

Date: 01/05/2014 | 1 Comment

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What's on Tv?

 What's on Tv? I usually never talk about what I do when I'm not fucking,I guess that's the porn actress syndrome... Well thruth be told, when I'm not fucking I pretty much enjoy everything all of you do: read...

Date: 14/04/2014 | No Comments
Tags: Spare time, books, series, tv

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Three horny parties with Carolina Abril, Julia de Lucia and me!

Three horny parties with Carolina Abril, Julia de Lucia and me!Hi my dears, again with my girls in Germany : Julia de Lucia and Carolina Abril, the 24th of March in Rheinstetten , Industrie Str.5 in the Club Atemlos...

Date: 21/03/2014 | No Comments
Tags: juliadelucia, carolinaabril, orgy, sex, party

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