Feel the ink!

Date: 29/02/2012
Tags: tattoos, twitter, eros oporto, silvia rubi, julia de lucia

 Feel the ink!


Hi my dears!

As Julia and I were at the Eros Oporto we got the sudden urge to get some new ink on our skin! I just got a cover up for my sun tatto at my back and Julia finally finished her super sexy tattoo on her lover back and ribs. I already showed part of iit at my twitter account, but I'll upload it again anyways for all those who did not have the chance to see it. I guess it was quite easy to get this urge of getting ink qhen you have a tattoo stand just in front of you at the Festival, so almost every girl at our stand got a new tattoo from this artist! What a lucky man, touching so many porn actresses in one day!!! And yes it hurts!! But the result is beautiful. Soon I'll take some pictures of it. Enjoy some pictures of our tattooed beauties Silvia Rubi and Julia de Lucia!

And you? Have you got any tattoos? maybe on your cock? Mmmmmh I'd like to see that! Hugs and kisses from your kinky Salma de Nora!!!!




1. Siggi Komerg dijo:29/02/2012 09:20

I enjoy those tattoos, my kinkiest Darling, very much, and I’m particularly happy that you showed me your newest one - and more, of course - on Rosenmontag in Rheinstetten. :) Hugs and kisses, your Siggi

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