Date: 01/06/2013
Tags: orgy, latex, fetish, julia de lucia, sara may, silvia rubi


Hi everyone, we're still immersed in the casting 2013 and I just witnessed one of the wildest sex scenes I've seen in my life.

Well you'lle see, I'm just a plain guy from a small town, I hardly had the chance to get laid when I was younger and the only way to see a pussy was borrowing some porn from a friend....I consider myself a kind of Doctor Slump ... Yes, and I know this is a geek fact, but what the hell, I'm the one  who's writing this, so if don't get it.... you should get yourself some comics or read some refferences from the internet hahaha...

All this  fucked up intro  to tell you that I have seen a fetish scene starring Salma and Silvia Rubi. Both covered In Latex willing to give  pleasure to one of the candidates. A guy that is emerging in the casting of this year by the enthusiasm and self-confidence he puts in every scene. And I apologize to everyone because I have more photos, but you'll have to be patient since I have to fix them a little on photoshop first.

Raúl McClane


1. Siggi Komerg dijo:03/06/2013 05:31

Wow! ♥ :D

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