Greatings from Germany!

Date: 04/04/2011
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 Greatings from Germany!

So, here we are now! We're going to stay in germany for 10 days, lucky I have a good internet acces so I'm going to be able to do some webcam sessions at night!Next to Julia of course!!!

 The flight went really well...It0s always fun to travel with Julia cause we're always fooling around :) This is a magazine we used to write a short essay.We wrote it in spanish . The next time we'll do some in English!


We arrived at FRankfurt on friday and went to the Parti at Freiclub to celebrate my "miss Freiclub international " award! Quite an honor to be votet for the sexiest and horniest actress of the moment haha!

The party was really crowded, people from all the parts of the world dancing naked soeaked in champagne eating the canape on naked bodies mmmmm yummy!

A long week of work is awaitng us, I hope I'll be able to get online to tell you stuff and also have some videocam sessions to keep you satisfied!!!

                                                                                       Love you! Hugs and kisses!!


1. Siggi Komerg dijo:04/04/2011 08:41

Cordial congrats, my dearest Salma, to your award SEXIEST AND HORNIEST ACTRESS! :))) The Freiclub party (close to where I live) happened to be a true sex paradise... Also the fantastic gangbang party of our marvelously performing gorgeous Julia, I luckily attended, was a great porn highlight! Have y´all lots of fun during your current joint travel in Germany! :) Hugs and kisses your Siggi

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