Date: 20/06/2010
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My darlings, you made me really happy with all of your birthday congratulations and the presents I recieved!

The best thing about this birthday is  I'm celebrating it as a mum and  that each of my presents came with another for my baby! Smile

The worst thing about this birthday was getting anti wrinkle and cellulite creams  for presents!!hahah damn Momo!

Well , anyways, just wanted to say you're all really kind  and I love you a lot! But you already knew that , didn't you?

I got a huge party in Paradise Club  last wednesday with lots of confetti , champagne and other surprises!(thanks a lot Silvia)

I  got lots of perfumes for presents  like Pink from lacoste, alien by therry mougrier, jean paul gaultier X and flower by kenzo, yummy!! i also got a few foulards and dresses cause I'm a huge fan of both things .

This drawing is from my beloved Raul, who im going to meet in person this summer. hurray to the artist!

thanks a lot to you too.

I still have to check my P.O box cause i'm pretty sure there will be  a few more  presents waiting! I feel so lucky!




1. Siggi dijo:21/06/2010 21:39

I read your thanks, my Darling, with great pleasure and I’m so grateful that you invited me to your huge party in the Paradise Club! :) I’ll submit you the pertinent photos as soon as you give me an e-mail address where you want them to be sent to. Again all the best and lots of luck for and your baby! :) love & kisses ♥ Siggi

2. Siggi dijo:22/06/2010 10:36

Hi, my Darling, just tweeted this on my Twitter profile (assuming you agree): Enjoy 2 excerpted pics from my *5 days stay* with the famous porn star SALMA DE NORA last week on the isle of Mallorca.

3. Siggi dijo:25/06/2010 09:10

Further to my gift on June 16 (roses combined with fleurs-de-lis) I just posted your marvelous birthday celebration picture shot in the office of Arenal’s Paradise Club as well as the photo titled “Salma & Siggi in Paradise”, which also shows your friend Ginger Hell and two other girls, on Twitpic as you can see on my Twitter profile siggi_komerg. Hope you’ll appreciate it, my most beloved friend! :)

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