Date: 21/11/2010
Tags: Porn event, j love, dunia, julia de lucia, belguim, max cortes


Hey you guys!

I got just back from germany where I spend some fantastic days acting next to my friend and showman JP LOVE! I'll share the pictures of this event with you as soon as I get them!

I'm already packing my bags again because I'm leaving to germany the 26 th  where I'm going to act  on another porn event. Two days later I'm going to belguim for a video shoot!


Meanwhile, our little Julia is getting offer from everywhere.... How cool is that!

I'm so proud of her! She's going to get very far and I'm going to help her whenever I can!!!

Enjoy the pictures from our last trip to Barcelona!!


Julia, on a shooting directed by  Dunia Montenegro for LECHE 69

Damn she's hot!!




Julia with Max before recording


Julia with Kemaco for the web  MMM100

That's all for today my dears.

I'll show you more pictures as soon as I meat Julia, cauase they're all in her camera!




1. Siggi Komerg dijo:23/11/2010 16:10

Yeah, my dearest Salma, please convey my cordial greetings to Julia whom I also know pretty well - thanks to you! - from Arenal in June and Berlin on your Venus stand in October! :) It’s really cool how well she develops under your guidance and with your help... Her and your photos (here) are marvelously sexy! :) Have lots of fun on your next Germany/Belgium tour! :) Hugs and kisses your Siggi

2. Doc Crocky dijo:01/12/2010 02:42

Salve Salma et Julia! "CARNEVAL" Amazone-queens! So did we finally meet in an Erotic Halleluja!! The creative fundamement of nature "heven unleashed" ...lifeforce shared in joy and horney celbration. We don`t take drugs.. we have it inside of us .. IF we dare to open up ..and you catalyse the "broken halleluja" - leeds us in through the "the crack in everything-where the lights gets in" - - Salma with your trancendance from EGO out to selfless joy you are a true ARTISTIC expression of what this life is ment to be ...a song for love and and happiness - right here and now - combined with respeect and warm human touch... I have not met you before you and Peter also became parents and you a mother of Sven - now 10 month .. But you vibrate like a real" trooper" - a mother courage - a sister of mercy and a sister in arms ... in this fight for love and life we all are a part of.... Thanks for being who you are and thanks to LIFE that we could share this dance in Belgium last Sunday... Together You and sexysweet Julia are the ideal team when we "dance to the end of love" Hope to see you both soon again ! Til then ; Take good care of yourselves and best wishes. Big xoxo "Doc Crocky"

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