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Playing Nurse

Date: 27/01/2011
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 Playing Nurse

Hi my Loves! i¡m so sorry  for not spending more time with you! Thank god I know you all forgive me :)

Im really busy moving again! I fucking hate it!I realized after more than a year , that I'm not the city Type, I prefer living closer to nature. And at last I'm going to get my own fotostudio and office ! I really needed something like this!

At the meantime, I'm also preparing my next Role for Wet Dreams productions(fomerley DRB productions) I'm really looking forward to it!




 Thise productions, next to my porn casting, videochat and the videos for my web are the only things I'm really in a mood for lately! Oh and of course being a director!

Ad talking about the CASTING, I already got 8 candidates confirmed! And there still more emails incoming!The german Magazine COUPE published an article about the casting and has more than 160 possible participants!Hahaha the next time I'll have to rent a hotel instead of a Finca!

Lucky that of all those guys only one can be the winner...


What else... yes... You can see me the last days of this month on my videochat everyday! I'm having so much fun! Unfortunately I'm not able to give you a timetable , but I'll have you tuned on this side! That's the problem of being mother!

I got the feeling I forgot something... oh yes! check out my VIPZONE  for more videos!

  in the first video , julia and I are preparing a thesis for university about the  german penis siza, so we trick a friend to show us his tool. No need to be a genious to figure out how we all ended up :P


  In the next video I'm visiting a friend ,. The poor guy is Ill in bed . So I check on him dressed up like a nurse , and guees what I think the cause for his Illness is a high fever caused in his lower parts. The only way to cure him is giving him a good doze of my medicine...



Click here for the 2 new videos and 350 more!!!


See you tonight at  22:30-23:00 on my WEBCAM, ok? ;)

Love you a lot!!! ;)





1. Siggi Komerg dijo:28/01/2011 00:13

Wow, my dearest Salma, this is a marvelous report enriched by most stunning photos ... I love it! Hugs and kisses your Siggi

2. john dijo:29/01/2011 01:28

dont u even fell like a dirty fuck whore? cause that is what u are. come on!! if u fell so proud of the rauncgy stuff u do send it to mami and daddy

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