Date: 01/08/2010
Tags: ginger hell, porn shows, jp love ibiza, candy sue


Sweeties! i just arrived from Germany where I spent the weekend doing a show at a famous club at the frontier with Holland!!!

There were over 20 girls working and 200 clients! WOW i had such a great time!They also brought some strippers and I did the final act with my porn show. I ended up getting a massage from 3 handsome dutch guys hmmm now that's what i call a good Life!!!

I arrived at the hotel early in the morning, I just got time to take a bath some beers and then fell asleep like a baby!!

I had a huge breakfast in the monring and went to the airport immediately.I'll be getting back there  in September and take some pics!

This time I only took some pics of my breakfast and the hotel views Embarassed



I continue acting in Paradise.


Today Candy Sue from Germany arrived and SAra may Will arrive on wednesday! I'll take some pictures from all of us on the beach soon.


See you!!!








1. Siggi dijo:06/08/2010 09:23

So happy, my Darling, you had this salaciously great fun in Germany a few days ago! :))) I loved your porn show where you invited me to, at your birthday's night, and a second time, two days later, in the Paradise Club in Arenal. Yesterday I attended a (6 hours) Gangbang Party, organized by Saskia Farell, with 5 top girls, such as sexy-Susanne, Laureen-Pink, Serly Nitro, Beatriz (20, Brazilian), ... and a huge amount of men (uncounted) in Kaarst which is also not far from the Dutch border (see more on my Facebook page Siggi Komerg Hobby). love & kisses, your Siggi

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