Some more Pictures!

Date: 18/04/2011
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 Some more Pictures!

Hey there!

As I already told you I spent the whole weekend doing NOTHING! Well nothing except touch myself hahaha Some of you already know that because you shared that moment with me on webcam. Thank you for that orgasms!!!!

For those who haven't, come and join us!!!

Yesterday I payed a visit to the 35th motorcycle concentration on the Island! I just love Bikes!!! Wish Someonoe would give me a ride!

Well, as I promised, here are the rest of the pictures from Photoevents. Tell me how you like them!!!

Today I start my Photography lessons!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Photoshop and video edition with Final Cut!  ;) Happy!!

So that's all for to today, take a look at this  Making Off of  "Mundo Perro"(dog world),  one of the best Films I had the honor to participate. It's a pity they don't make films like that anymore :(

Hugs and Kisses!!



1. Siggi Komerg dijo:19/04/2011 05:24

You´ve got marvelous eyes in your most gorgeous face! I´m so delighted... :) Hugs and kisses your Siggi

2. kman dijo:04/05/2011 21:40

beautiful pics of a beautiful woman.

3. Subhobrata Mitra dijo:30/08/2011 14:58

Dear Salma, neer seen such beautiful expressive eyes, your eyes talks....what a beautiful gorgeous face you have and love those curves..Love you Salma. Take care

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