Spanking time!

Date: 13/01/2012
Tags: butts, fetish, petition, pics

 Spanking time!


Hi my dears!!!

Since you all have been such good guys and girls today I bring you a Butts Special 2012!!!Since I haven't been realy nice I deserve some spanks on my ass, don't you think???? This one goes out to all the ass fetish fans among us! I always have some special treats for the foot fetish fans but this time I wanted to make some more Fans happy! I hope you like it. Enjoy this kick ass special ! The Idea comes from a Fan named Dave who had this special peticion!!!!

If you think you need to see my ass in real motion, don't hesitate and join me at my webchat! Maybe you can convince me to play with my toys around my big round ass.... Would you like that???

Hugs and kisses!!!


1. Siggi Komerg dijo:13/01/2012 09:52

Wow, thanks, Dave’s petition had inspired you to provide this stunning butt show! :) Hugs and kisses your ass-loving Siggi

2. Marcus dijo:14/01/2012 13:01

You have such a great ass. I like it. You are so f...... hot

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