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Up to the Venus

 Up to the Venus Out of the Seb into VENUS BERLIN 2013!!!!!!! I'm going to be there from the 17 to the 20 of October 2013!! Yes my dears this is the Real meaning of Party non stop!!!

Date: 12/10/2013 | 2 Comments
Tags: sara may, amanda x, silvia rubi, best actress

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Vote for me!!!

 Vote for me!!! My dears!! Just some flash news, this year I'm nominated as best actress for the SEB awards, so I hope you take a few minutes to visit the homepage of SEB to give me your votes, or at least vote...

Date: 23/09/2012 | 1 Comment
Tags: seb, awards, best actress

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And the winner is...

 And the winner is... My dears ! A few days ago I arrived from my exciting trip to Barcelona , where I had the honour to assist and also win one of the Galaxy Awards! I will write some more news aboput this events during

Date: 26/04/2012 | 1 Comment
Tags: best actress 2011, galaxy awards, franceska james

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