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get the webcam burning!!!

 get the webcam burning!!! My dears!!!!! Although I'm far , far away from home and frezzing my ass of in this cold country called germany i decided to take the dust from my webcam and get it to work again!!!!

Date: 07/11/2012 | 3 Comments
Tags: webchat, video, camgirl, nude, sex, online

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Starting over!!!

Starting over!!! Like I already told you, This year starts with even more work and projects than 2011. That means more work, more sex, more fun and no spare time!!!! And What better way to start the year then present

Date: 23/01/2012 | 1 Comment
Tags: Julia de Lucia, silvia rubi, project, director, spain, webchat

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Time to meet again!

 Time to meet again! Hi there! I'm trying to make up the time we've missed during this holidays on my webchat! I really missed you guys!I'm trying to be online as much as i can, Which means everytime I have a little spa

Date: 18/01/2012 | 2 Comments
Tags: webchat, video, pussy

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Goodbye to 2011!

 Goodbye to 2011! Goodbye to 2011 and Welcome 2012!! According to the Maya Callendar, this will be the end of the world..... So just in case, take my advice and stuff every clam you can find with your dick!!!! The mo

Date: 31/12/2011 | 1 Comment
Tags: webchat, 2012, maya, sex, cocks

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From trivial to mystic!

From trivial to mystic! Hey there! We just arrived from the Venus in Berlin! We're really tired , not only from the shows, but also from the work at the stands and all the parties we attended. We still have one week to...

Date: 03/10/2011 | 2 Comments
Tags: venus Berlin, webchat, venus, pictures

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