Date: 25/06/2010
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I just checked my P.O box and found even more pakages than on christmas! WOW! You care a lot !I didn-t expect so many presents this year. You're so kind, you can't imagine how lucky i feel knowing you think of me.

To my Dear "Teacher" JOSE POSADA Y CARMEN, i know I ow you a visit, I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks a lot for the beautiful bag for Sven's stuff!


 To MADRILEÑO CHULAPICHI , Your letter was so sweet and I loved the ongratulation card. I'm really glad you got acquitted and I hope you wont get yourself in trouble anymore



To  MAD-MAX, Sven Sven loves his  Micky airplane. He's a little to small for the other figures but I'm keeping them so he can polay in a few month... thanks a lot!

 To HENRIK JENSEN, I have never seen so many presents in one pakage! What a big surprise! especially the danish Salmon!


Well to my fans in GErmany INGO Y RALF, who come every year to party with me: I LOVE YOU GUYS

to Mario from Svitzerland who came personally to invite me to his wedding

to Siggi, who came from GErmany to bring my Flowers

To candy sue and Ami

to alena Momo, Ayla and Mia and to all who left comments in my blog, thanks for making me feel loved!



A Candy Sue y a Arni, que tampoco faltaron!

A Alena, Momo, Ayla Mia y a tod@s los que comentasis en mi blog!!! Gracias mil por hacerme sentir tan queridaaaaaa!





1. Siggi dijo:26/06/2010 09:18

Since our first encounter, last week on Mallorca, I can’t stop anymore thinking of you all the time, my Darling! :) Meanwhile I’ve sent you, as promised, various selected photos in three batches. Thus, we (you and I) can always remember your huge birthday party celebrated among your friends and, moreover, all the days I’ve been so lucky to stay with you in a marvellously inspiring and sparkling ambience of your utterly admirable UNIQUE WAY OF LIFE. *MUCHAS GRACIAS*! :) + love & kisses ♥ your Siggi

2. Siggi dijo:27/06/2010 14:58

Thanks so much, my dearest Salma, for those additional mentions and the photos you provided in this blog post! :) Your sparkling website with its blog offers a great opportunity to stay in touch with you whom I really love entirely as well as in all your marvellous facets... AMOROSOS BESOS ♥ your Siggi

3. Siggi dijo:02/07/2010 14:32

Just saw your most beautifully sexy photos together with Candy-Sue on her profile, my Darling. :) As you know, on my profile Siggi_552°° there, you’ll find our famous SALMA & SIGGI IN PARADISE group photo (4 girls) as well as your fabulously marvellous portrait I shot in the club’s office (in Arenal) during your huge birthday party... Lots of love and kisses ♥ your (luckily thankful) Siggi

4. Henrik Jensen dijo:15/07/2010 15:12

Hola Guapo Salma. Mio is very happy feliz, that you are happy with your regalo's, and the nice salmon. Hope to see you pronto. Love TU Henrik mil besitos

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