The Twittcam experience!

Date: 24/02/2012
Tags: Twitcam, chat, erotic videos, camgirl

 The Twittcam experience!


A week ago I had the brilliant idea of announcing that I would connect a Twittcam as soon as I got the  5000 Followers on my Twitter Profile! As you can imagine I arrived at this quote quite quickly and got the chance to have a live chat with all you followers. I spent more than one hours chatting and showing my hot butt to everyone who wanted to have a glince at me :) If you missed that event, come and join my twitter! ÇI will repeat it at the quote of 1500 followers!!!!! To tel l the truth, I got really horny at the moment the cam turned on, unfortunatley I was afraid of getting my account closed so I couldn't show to much, but I was really looking forward to turn my personal webchat on and finish what I started at twitter! So guys, Take a look at my webchat and join me getting hot as hell! And if you don't follow me on twitter, give it a try!!! You can see my tweets on this homepage (thanks to my bro Raul Macclane, thanks hun!!!)

Hugs and Kisses, I'll be waiting for you really horny at my webcam!!!! Let's keep on fucking till the world ends!!!!!



1. Siggi Komerg dijo:25/02/2012 07:14

That’s great Twitter news, my horniest and sweetest Darling! :) It was such a pleasure holding your “hot butt” in my hands while licking your wet, multiply-fucked cunt at the Rheinstetten gangbang party, a few days ago... :) Hugs and kisses, your Siggi

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