Video-clip with Salma and Ginger

Date: 06/01/2010
Tags: erotic, porn clip, salmadenora, antena 3

Video-clip with Salma and Ginger

The spanish television channel Antena 3 came to watch a pornscene that Ginger hell made for Salma de Nora Vixion some days ago.
The people from Antena 3 sended me the video-clip from the interviu with Ginger and the recording of her erotic-video.
The video from Gingers porn-scene you will find also now - togther with other porn-clips from Ginger  - at my VIP-Site here.

I hope you enjoy.

Your horny Salma




1. Loreto dijo:09/01/2010 22:51

hey baby! what happend with the english people....undfriendly people jiijijijiji i hope you feel good.... you´re really nice! your halo is incredible! hot inside hot outside. i would like to try to do a scene with you, i will do what you want....your slave jejejeje big kiss, darling!

2. EMMANUEL DIAZ dijo:13/01/2010 00:20

estas preciosa salma quisiera darte por atras y cambiar a miles de posiciones hasta venirme en tus nalgotas

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