Videochat non stop!!!!

Date: 07/09/2011
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 Videochat non stop!!!!

Hi my dears! I'm exdhausted , and there's still more work to go!!!! first of all I'm working at germany and switzerland with an nerverending list of events, shootings, gang bangs, shows and lots of parties! LAter on I have more festivals, tours and shows until the 15 th of october! Even a brief visit to barcelona!!! This is amazing!

Did you enjoy my webcam marathon from last week? I sure did and hope I could make you all happy moan and jerk off!!!!!After resting over a month in ibiza I started with fresh energy giving it all at my videosessions! I really enjoy being watched by you guys and also watching you while getting horny as crazy!!! I love to see how you enjoy my body how your eyes express that pure desire!!!!My dildo was almost exploding!!!! One day there also was a busexual girl online with an spectacular body, I wish you could have seen here! She told me her boyfriend was just sleeping in the room next door while she was showing her beauty to me! I still can't understand how the guy didn't wake up with us two moaning as loud as we could! Shame on him! he could have joined us, don't you think?This has been quite a lesbic experience!!!

For more experiences like this keep on checking out my videochat! Visit me! what are you waiting for!!!!


1. Tony Romero dijo:08/09/2011 02:56

I miss you since the GMV-Party at the 9. April this year in Germany. This day i saw you for the first time in my life, and it was amazing for me, to shoot with you! Do you know something about the movie from this day? If it`s published already, what`s the name of our movie?

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