Date: 17/08/2010
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A few days ago XAVIphoto sent me some pictures of my last shooting in Barcelona , but I got a little mad because, from my point of view they were extremely modified. i am not such a Photoshop fan cause , in my opinion it makes people look like strangers, and I like to recognize myself. Imagine the surprise seing somebody in person after having a look at modified images...So I better prevent...hahaha


What do you think?

here are the results.



So, which one do you prefer?



1. cyril dijo:18/08/2010 00:38

No modification for you salma !!! natural is so perfect !! kiss Cyril

2. pedro dijo:18/08/2010 23:37

Salma, we all love you just the way you are. Defend your nice tan! Even if the photographer┬┤s sklills for lightening aren┬┤t sufficient, he at least shouldn┬┤t try to iron all reflections out of the picture just to produce plastic skin. You look so perfect - you don┬┤t deserve this reduct├şon of information. I┬┤d love to study every little detail of you. ;-) XXX

3. Siggi Komerg dijo:22/08/2010 15:18

Yeah, my Darling, as you know from our joint June vacation I admire, adore and love you just the way you are... :) I thus agree with Cyril┬┤s and Pedro┬┤s assessments. I was lucky to take a few marvelous pictures of you and some of your friends which I had sent you via MDH. I┬┤d be happy if you showed the best liked ones here on your blog... This birthday photo on Facebook (but also on Tweetphoto and PornMe) reflects the most natural, happy and utterly gorgeous attitude, I┬┤m sure, no professional shooter would get it done any better... :) It┬┤s a dream that was real right at this momentÔÇŽ And thank you so much for your recent message that we┬┤ll meet again on the Berlin Venus in October! ... :) love & kisses your Siggi

4. Justin Real dijo:22/08/2010 18:50

Please pure Salma without editing. We want no virtual cyber baber, but the real sexy Salma!

5. carlos dijo:23/08/2010 10:25

You Don't need photoshop, natural is better, of course :)

6. Subhobrata Mitra dijo:30/08/2011 16:11

Nice snaps

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